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As our custom tailored dress shirts are supplied by William Teddington Bespoke Tailors, they are of a premium quality and will stand the test of time. We are so confident in the quality of our custom tailored or fitted shirts, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. When you buy a custom online shirt, it will be hand tailored to your measurements and your designs. Pickashirt.com's objective is to offer you a quality custom tailored shirt that is affordable and painless to order. With our 30-day guarantee you can try a Pickashirt custom tailored shirt with nothing to lose! Click 'Design A Shirt' to shop our store now.

Shirts Online - Why custom tailored shirts?

The problem with off-the-rack online shirts, apart from the inflated prices, is that these shirts won't fit you. They're made to fit everyone's build, whether boxer or butcher. But the problem is that you're not everyone. You're you, and you need a bespoke shirt tailored to your contours, whatever they may be. This leads us to made-to-measure shirts, also known as bespoke or custom tailored. Whatever term the shirtmaker uses, you can be guaranteed that buying your shirt tailor made will leave you with a well-fitting shirt that you feel good in and that will serve you for years. The prices of off-the-rack brands churned out by emerging economies on mass scale around the world are simply outrageous. The names may be familiar but the connection to the designer has long since been lost along with the quality. Once you buy an online shirt, custom tailored made, you will never shop for an off-the-rack shirt again.

Custom Dress Shirt Style Guide | A Collection Of Online Articles To Help You Dress Your Best

Buy Slim Fit Shirts

The rising popularity of the slim fit shirt reflects a move towards European shirt fashion, where dress shirts are extremely fitted to the body. Slim fit shirts are most commonly known for tapering in around the waist, but are actually more fitted to the body all over. As the name suggests the slim fit shirt is typically suited to a lean/slim build particularly if you have proportionally wide shoulders.

Fitted Shirts for Men

The 'fitted shirt' is another common phrase that is often interchanged with 'slim fit shirt'. It refers to a shirt that is worn by men of all builds and is very fitted to the contours of their body, not on any particular area of the mens dress shirt. Buying fitted shirts from the Pickashirt store couldn't be easier.

Long Sleeve Shirts

'Long Sleeve Shirts' has become a common phrase to describe a mens dress shirt or business shirt. However, a dress shirt can be short sleeve. Whist warmer climate regions accept the short sleeve dress shirt to be acceptable for a formal work environment, only a long sleeve shirt or business shirt achieves that true formal look.