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About The Shirts

T H E  F A B R I C S

Having provided shirts online for 11 years now, we have refined our fabric selection to ensure only the best.
To ensure we save a fabric that suits you we offer a large range in differing compositions from our premium superfine cottons for that luxury shirt to our easy-iron blends for day-to-day shirts.
You can be sure our fabrics are of a premium standard and have been hand selected by us.

T H E   F U S I N G recognises that the collar is often the most visible part of the shirt. Our collars are stitched in such a way as to provide a “full” look whilst remain light, comfortable and durable.
Our shirts are constructed with the highest quality interlining (the fabric that sits inside the collar and cuff) and machine fused so that the collars and cuff will have the longest life possible.

T H E   C O N S T R U C T I O N

Our shirts undergo immaculate workmanship using the latest sewing technology:
– Double stitching on all seams.
– 22 to 24 stitches per inch in sewing construction.
As we are a bespoke service, each shirt gets hand on attention ensure each detail of the shirt is constructed perfectly.

T H E   F I T

Off-the-rack sizes are a thing of the past. Whilst mass produced shirts can offer good value.They simply don’t fit as well as tailor made garment. If you haven’t tried tailor made, you may not even know what a well-fitting shirt feels like. Custom made is the way forward, so get on board.

T H E   O P T I O N S

Enjoy the endless options designing a shirt that you like. The right collar, the right number of pockets, it’s all up to you..

W A S H I N G   I N S T R U C T I O N S

All our shirts can be machines washed, however it must be a cool wash. They should always be hung dry and not machine dried.