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Suit Design Options


Jacket Style

We have four jacket styles, the most popular being the single breast two button jacket. 

Double breast jackets are usually matched with a peaked lapel and are often wore as a standalone jacket rather than as a full suit. The double breast can also be considered more formal and more of statements suit, so it often made in a strong pinstripe. 


A notched lapel is suited to an every day classic suit particularly if worn in the workplace. Peaked lapels are considered more dressy and commonly found on double-breasted and dinner jackets.


Selecting lapel thickness comes down to personal taste, what is in trend and also the look you are trying to achieve. As a general rule, thin lapels are suited to slim builds and wide lapels are suited to bulkier builds. 

Wide lapels are often selected to achieve a fashion look, such as for double breast suits. 


Selecting jacket pockets for your custom suit jacket comes down to personal preference. Ticket pockets are selected mainly for aesthetic reasons, however it does have a historical purpose – they were popular with country men who rode on horseback. They allowed them quick access to coins at toll booths without having to unbutton their jacket.

The patch pocket is seen as more casual which is why it is commonly selected for a sports jacket or blazer.


A classic suit will have four buttons. Choosing a different number of buttons is another way to personalize your suit and comes down totally to personal preference.


The vent on the back of a jacket allows for more movement. Therefore, the decision on the best option for you depends on your size. Slim builds can get away with no vent, whereas more bulky builds are more suited to a single or double vent – the double providing the most movement. 

Even if you are a slim build, a vent may be preferable if you prefer more movement in your suit or you like to keep your jacket on sitting down. 


The cut of your trousers comes down to personal taste and your build, with current fashion trends giving favor to slim cut. As a general rule a super slim cut would be appropriate for those with a slim build and if you are on the bulkier side, then a straight cut be recommended.


Most trousers are ordered with belt loops which allows you to wear a belt with your pants. However the buckle side adjusters are an option if you wish to wear trousers without a belt. The buckle side adjuster allows you to tighten the pants on each side.


Front pleats on the pant are mainly used for larger sizes to allow for movement. This options is for functionality and not aesthetics.


Selecting the number of pockets on the back of your pants is mainly a question of functionality – the aesthetics are not really considered. Most commonly a pair of trousers will have one back pocket.


You can choose to have a pants cuff at the bottom of your pants. The most common selection is no cuff. 



Contrasting jacket lining is a common way to personalize your suit jacket. We have a range of silk lining colors and patterns for you to chose from.


To personalize your suit, we can place pick stitching along the edge of the lapel. This is purely for aesthetic appeal – it can be a way to communicate that your suit is of higher quality or even custom made. 


Also known as ‘surgeons cuffs’, referring to an era when surgeons would wear suits while performing surgery on their patients, and would need to roll up their suit sleeves. Customers who are suiting purists tend to go for this option.

Note that functioning sleeve buttons make the sleeve length very difficult to alter.


The boutonniere is the buttonhole that sits on the left lapel. It is mostly there for aesthetic purposes which is why it can be stitched in a contrasting color to personalize your suit. 


We can stitch one buttonhole on each cuff in a contrasting color. This is purely for aesthetic appeal and shows that your suit is bespoke.


Contrasting buttons can create a unique look for a suit and is a great way to personlize your suit without standing out too much. If you do not choose this option, we simply choose a button that best matches the fabric you have selected.


A monogram can be embroidered into the inside of your jacket. A great way to really show off your bespoke suit.