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  • Jacket Style
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  • Lapel
  • Lapel Width
  • Pockets
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  • Pants Style
  • Crotch Style
  • Waist Style
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  • Back Pockets
  • Pants Cuff
  • Jacket Lining
  • Pick Stiching
    Personalize your suit with pick stitching along the edge of the jacket lapel.
  • Functioning Sleeve Buttons
    Also known as ‘surgeons cuffs’, referring to an era when surgeons would wear suits while performing surgery on their patients, and would need to roll up their suit sleeves. Customers who are suiting purists tend to go for this option.

    Note that functioning sleeve buttons make the sleeve length very difficult to alter.
  • Boutonniere
    The boutonniere is the buttonhole on the lapel, which can be sewn in a different color.
    Black [+$1.34]
    White [+$1.34]
    Red [+$1.34]
    Pink [+$1.34]
    Blue [+$1.34]
    Purple [+$1.34]
    Yellow [+$1.34]
    Green [+$1.34]
    Brown [+$1.34]
  • Buttonhole Color
    To personalize your suit, select a contrasting color for one buttonhole of each sleeve.
    White [+$3.35]
    Black [+$3.35]
    Red [+$3.35]
    Dark Blue [+$3.35]
    Light Blue [+$3.35]
    Green [+$3.35]
    Pink [+$3.35]
    Purple [+$3.35]
    Yellow [+$3.35]
  • Buttons
    To personalize your suit, select a contrasting button. If you chose Standard we will select a standard neutral button to match your suit.
  • Matching Vest
    For a more formal look, purchase a matchinng vest to accompany your suit.

    Vest lining will match your jacket lining. Number of buttons will be determined by our expert
    tailor based on the jacket style you have chosen.
  • Extra Pants
    We all know that your pants get a bit more use than your jacket. Order an extra pair of pants to get extra life out of your suit.
  • Monogram
    Personalize your suit with a monogram inside your jacket.
    • No
    • Yes - Bold
    • Yes - Script

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