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Hidden Button Collar Shirts

How To Order A Hidden Button Collar Shirt from Our Site

1. Select Fabric
Roscoe 100% Cotton >
2. Select Collar:
Hidden Button


The hidden button collar is the cousin of the more well known button-down collar.

As the name suggests, the buttons and buttonholes are hidden under the collar meaning you enjoy the benefits of a button-down collar while maintaining the more formal appearance of a button-less collar.

The hidden button down collar can be worn with or without a tie. With a tie, it projects a neat and tight look, as the collar is held down around the tie. Without a tie, you can wear the collar open and the collar points will be buttoned into position so the collar sits up high and wont flop out of place.

In summary the the hidden button down collar stays in place while retaining a smooth, button-less look.

Note that this type of collar cannot be made with removable collar stays. 


All our shirts can be made with a hidden button collar.

At Step 1, select your fabric.

Then as Step 2, select Hidden Button from the “Collar” options.