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How To Copy Your Suit




1. Select Fabric & Design Your Suit

To get you suit copied, start by selecting your fabric and designing the suit. Note when constructing your new suit, we will follow the design options you select and use your suit to match sizing.

2. Send Us Your Suit

Once you have submitted your order, we will email you instructions on sending us your suit. Place your suit in a parcel and post it to us. 

3. We Copy Your Suit

When we receive the package, we get to work on copying your suit. Our tailors custom make the suit to the design specs you selected, and to match the sizing of your original suit.

4. Your New Suit Arrives

A couple of weeks later, your new suit arrives in the mail. You can chose to leave your old suit with us which we will use for future orders.

5. Start Enjoying Your New Suit

Try on your new suit, and start enjoying it! If you are happy, you know that you can order a perfect copy suit in a range of different fabrics any time you want.