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How To Order a Custom Made Shirt

How To Order A Custom Made Shirt

Here we take you through Step 1 – 4 in placing a custom shirt order. 
1 – Select Fabric
2 – Design Your Shirt
3 – Add Extra Design Options 
4 – Sizing

1. Click “Design A Shirt”

To order a custom tailored shirt, start by clicking “Design A Shirt” at the top of the page.

2. Select A Fabric

You can browse the fabrics and use the filters to narrow down the type of fabric you want. Once you decide on a fabric you like, click on it to proceed. 

3. Click “Design With This Fabric”

You can read more detailed information about the fabric and see more photos. If you are happy with the fabric, click “Design With This Fabric” to proceed with the design process.

4. Design Your Shirt

Here you can go through each of the shirt design options and make selections to design your ideal shirt.

5. Select Extra Design Options

Here you can select special design options to personalize your shirt. These are now required options, so you can decide on which ones you would like to add to your shirt. If you do not want to add any special design options, you can just click next to proceed to the sizing step.

6. Select Sizing Option

You have 3 ways to submit sizing. You can measure an existing shirt you own which we recommend, you can submit measurements from your body, or if you are not fussy about shirt fit, you can submit standard sizes.

7. Submit Measurements

Now you just need to complete each field with the sizing information. Start by completing the Profile General tab and then fill in the measurements down the right column. Each measurements has corresponding instructions you should follow.

Once you have finished entering your measurements, click the Add To Cart button down the bottom. This will finalize the process and add your shirt to the shopping cart.


8. Review Cart & Checkout

Now your shirt is added to the shopping card, and you can proceed to checkout. You can review the design and sizing details you submitted by clicking Show Details under the shirt. You can click edit product to change something. If you are happy with everything, you can start designing a second shirt, or you can proceed to checkout and submit your order.