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Production Times – Covid Pandemic

23 April 2021
Increased Delays 

As the situation worsens in Thailand (where our production center is located), we are subjected to more significant restrictions and challenges with our production and dispatch processes. We now estimate the following production times:

Shirts / Pants: 2-3 weeks
Suits / Jackets: 3-4 weeks

Shipping times are not affected.

If you have placed an order and are concerned about it reaching you in time, please contact us.

15 April 2021

New Production Times During Covid Pandemic 

We are making adjustments to our production and dispatch process to accommodate new restrictions implemented during the Covid pandemic. Currently our production time is 10-14 days for shirts and pants and 10-15 days for suits and jackets. Shipping times are not currently affected. We expect production times to return to normal in 3-4 weeks. We will post further updates on the site. Thank you for your understanding while we navigate these new working conditions.

You can see detailed information on our typical production times on our shipping page.