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The Popover Shirt

How To Order A Popover Shirt from Our Site

1. Select Fabric
Roscoe 100% Cotton >

2. Select Front:
Popover >


The popover shirt has a buttoned placket that finishes 1/3 way down the shirt, so it must be “popped over” your head to put it on.

The popover front gives the shirt a more casual feel and is usually accompanied by a pocket or two. Essentially it is a long sleeve polo shirt made with shirt fabric.

You can select from any of our shirt fabrics to design your popover shirt. We recommend you select Regular or Loose Fit for this style of shirt as it is more casual and will be easier to take on and off.


All our shirts can be made a popover shirt.

At Step 1, select your fabric. 

Then as Step 2, select Popover from the “Shirt Front” options.