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Shirt Measurements – Body


Measure around your neck just below your Adams apple. Place two fingers between your neck and the tape to represent the space you require for your collar. We will construct your collar to this exact measurement.


Measure around the chest at its widest point. The tape should be tucked high under your armpits and sit approximately at nipple level.


Measure around your stomach with the tape sitting just above your hip bones. If you have a belly, measure it at the widest point, and do not suck it in.


Measure around the hip and buttocks at the widest point.


The length measurement should be taken from the top of the shoulder at the point near the neck, along the front of your body, to a point where you want the shirt to end. Stand up in a relaxed posture. This measurement is normally about 10cm longer than your arm length.


The arm measurement is taken from the corner point, where the arm meets the shoulder, down to where you want the cuff to finish. It is very important that you use this same corner point for both your Arm and Shoulders measurement as the two are closely related. It is better to make this measurement a bit longer rather than a bit too short.


The shoulders measurement is taken across the shoulders from one tip of one shoulder to the other. Be sure to measure right on the corner point, where the arm meets the shoulder. It is very important that you use this same corner point for both our Arm and Shoulders measurements as the two are closely related.


Put the armpit under the armpit and measure around the armhole, up over the shoulder.


The biceps measurement should be taken around your upper arm at the widest point. Do not tighten the tape measure.


Place the tape measure around your wrist it the narrowest point.


You shoulder type helps our tailors with the angle at which the fabric will slope to achieve a better fit. It is most useful if you have sloping shoulders. If you are not sure what shoulder type you have, just select “Not Sure”.