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Washing Instructions

Shirts / Chinos

We recommend you act on the cautious side when washing any cotton shirt. For our shirts, we recommend the following: 

– Cold  or lukewarm wash
– Gentle Cycle
– Hang dry (no tumble drying)
– Separate white shirts from colors.

Cotton blends must be ironed at a lower temperature than 100% cottons.

Shirts with White Collar & Cuff

Extra caution should be taken in washing a dark shirt that has white collar & cuffs. The reason is that the dark color can bleed into the white collar & cuff. 

Suits / Trousers

Suits and trousers should be dry cleaned.

Typically, suit pants should be treated the same as the jacket and be dry cleaned. As your suit pants get a lot more wear than the jacket, machine washing is an option, however the garment will not be preserved as well as dry cleaning.